In this 21st century, not only the Digital network of the world is upgrading to the next level, but the construction industry is also getting upgrading with its cutting edge technical and technological concepts. Right from the building materials to construction techniques, the Construction industry is moving forward to newer inventions.

PEB – Top Notch in it Quality

The key difference factor is the quality of the pre-engineered building (PEB). The pre Engineered buildings are designed, manufactured, and fabricated in the factory under controlled environment, conditions and then transported to the site and assembled n the site, whereas the conventional building is processed and built on the site. Since the PEB building are manufactured under controlled conditions, the quality, durability, and versatility of the PEB building are higher when compared to conventional buildings.

The Time and Cost of Pre-engineered buildings (PEB)

Nowadays, the cost of transportation of building materials to the site and labor works is higher than old days. These PEB structures reduce the cost of transportation of the building materials and require less labor count. But the labor required for building Pre Engineered Buildings should be skilled ones than the labor who built conventional buildings.

Pre Engineered buildings not only reduce the cost of transportation, but they also save much time, other cost factors such as maintenance cost. This also saves material loss and wastages during the assembly of prefabricated panels, and construction.  These Pre-engineered buildings are more energy-efficient than traditional buildings.

The Pre Engineered buildings are lightweight with their simple framed structures and 10-20% lighter than the conventional buildings. The construction of the complete building structure takes only6 to 8 weeks whereas conventional building takes more than 20 weeks to build a building. The cost of construction is also 20% lesser when compared with traditional buildings’ Construction costs.

PEB – A seismic resistant structure

With all these characteristics and advantages, the PEB and Prefab structures are good seismic resistance and can withstand seismic forces. The wonderful characteristics of PEB structures are the building can be dismantled and can be assembled on the other side.

Typologies of PEB structures.

The pre-engineered buildings are used to build warehouses, shop houses, stock houses, resorts, recreational buildings, sports complexes, storage facility buildings, gas stations, shopping complexes, malls, hospitals, office structures, power plants, airport hangers, Parking sheds, educational institutions, railway platforms, Bus shelters, small scale bridges, showroom, low rise & high rise buildings stadiums, industries, and even residential structures such as row houses, apartments, etc.,  Pre-engineered buildings aid speedy installation of the buildings, reduces wastage, lowers labor costs, reduce maintenance costs, increase productivity, and enhances expansion of the buildings

Right from the design of PEB structures, foundation detail, framing, manufacturing, fabrication, transportation, and erection of PEB structures Rashian Engineering technologies render top-notch PEB services. Right now Pre Engineered buildings are used to build commercial, residential, and industrial projects. The world is going towards GREEN. Let us start building Green and Energy Efficient Pre Engineered buildings – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!