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A New Epic in Building Industry - PEB

Prefabrication or prefabricated construction services are in huge demand nowadays; as it helps the firm in assembling the raw materials or parts in the factory or warehouse. Then the raw materials are transported to the construction site, which simplifies the work of the staff in giving the project a final shape. Our proficient techies of Rashian Technologies with the prefabricated construction services; provide the companies several facilities that include cost management through saving time, wages, and resources. Also, we ensure that all residue raw materials designing structures are not discarded and can re-use in the future.

PEB & Prefabrication
PEB & Prefabrication

We provide services by using cutting-edge technologies and sharing our brilliant insights with businesses so that they can finish their projects in less time. Furthermore, our full-time staff and professional tradespeople of Rashian technology would not compromise on the quality and ensures that all pre-structured models have similar specifications and characteristics. Meanwhile, our sustainability platform offers a turnkey approach to prefabricated buildings for varied market sectors, regardless of their location. Besides being a one-stop solution for construction corporation; looking for secure, innovative, and inexpensive prefabricated construction, our service also includes –

1. Regulates Technology trends using advanced design tools
2. Maintain consistency and quality control.
3.Save time and speed up the construction process.
4.Lower Site Disruption.

Pre-engineered building services are any component of structures; is made before their delivery to the construction site. It is a technique in which all the parts are built entirely in the factory following design, then deliver to the worksite and assembled and erected with nut-bolts. Following such processes benefits the construction industry in shortening the time it takes to complete a project. Rashian technology’s skilled technologists are ready to assist you with such services, utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative concepts. In terms of design, fabrication, erection, prices, and timeliness, we believe in flexibility in our work process and present a quick and binding plan.

PEB & Prefabrication
PEB & Prefabrication

One of the benefits of adopting pre-engineered building methods on the construction site is it can be fitted with various structural accessories. However, Rashian Technology’s full-time and experienced personnel guarantees that all goods are evaluated in-house before being delivered to a building site, ensuring that they are of the highest quality and fit international quality requirements. Furthermore, the high-quality materials we implement for structural design assure long-term durability.

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