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CAD Designing (Mechanical)

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CAD Mechanical

We create all kinds of mechanical detailing and technical drawing with proper specifications with the use of CAD software. Our team creates schematic drawings, technical drawings, designs and drafting that are used to manufacture mechanical machines.

With the use of CAD, we produce technical drawings, details with the complete set of specification required by the client to complete the project in given time frame. We use cutting edge technology and customize the CAD application according to the requirements of the client.

CAD Designing (Mechanical)

Mold Design

As a renowned mold design service provider, we offer our client with wide range of Mold Design. Our expert professionals and key technicians deliver the design that met the latest industrial guidelines and international standards. The main industries that we serve are Industrial appliances, Automobile, Electronics (Industrial & Consumer) & even luxury consumer goods. We strictly adhere to quality of our service, business values and this has been the main reason for our success.

Our Mold Services are,

  • Compression Thermoset Mold Design Services,
  • Cavity Mold Design Service,
  • Bulk Molding Compound Moulds
CAD Designing (Mechanical)
CAD Designing (Mechanical)

Plastic Design

Plastic design is a process of detailing, drafting the parts of plastic materials. Our industrial designer or an engineer, design a plastic product or the required features of the desired part. The main industries that we serve are Automobile, Industrial appliances, Electronics (Industrial & Consumer) & even consumer goods. We strictly adhere to quality of our service, business values and this has been the main reason for our success.

Our plastic design includes,

  • Plastic part design.
  • Material selection plastic part design.
  • Processing conditions for plastic molding.

Product Development

Product design and development is the process of converting an idea into a product that our clients expect. We design the product according the need and function of the product, give everyone a better user experience. Th product which we design meet the high standards, and international guidelines. Our product design team offers a full range of product development services for individuals and other sector clients.

Our product design and development services,

  • Industrial product design,
  • Creative packaging design,
  • Product development.

We offer everything from initial concept design development and prototyping to 3D modeling and manufacturing services.

CAD Designing (Mechanical)
CAD Designing (Mechanical)

Tool and Fixture Design

Our team of experts with technical knowledge of various tool manufacturing processes design & develop high precision and top-notch tools and fixture. Our design meet the complete satisfaction of our client without any impact on required shape. The tool and fixture design process play very important role for tolls and fixtures designed with utmost care & precision by our expert team. We ensure the quality in design which we deliver.

Our Tool and Fixture design services,

  • Injection Molding
  • Vacuum forming
  • Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Molding
  • Press Tool

Plant Automation

The Advancements in manufacturing and CAD technology, has open up a new opportunities for automotive design. With our experts we design 3D model, with highly complex parts that are effective in rigorous performance. These product automation can be made cost-effectively and quickly.

Our automotive engineering and design service covers everyone from entrepreneurs to corporate clients. Source your product automation service to us to get combined advanced technology and forward-thinking design.

CAD Designing (Mechanical)
CAD Designing (Mechanical)

Our Product automation services,

  • 3D modeling & engineering
  • Concept design
  • Prototyping and rapid manufacturing
  • Car parts
  • Suspensions
  • Electrical systems
  • Engine & transmission systems
  • Brakes
  • Steering components and much more.

CFD Analysis

CFD is a Computational fluid dynamics uses numerical analysis and data structures to analyze and solve problems that involve fluid flows. The information provided by our CFD experts is used to analyze the impact of building exhausts to the environment, to predict smoke and fire risks in buildings, to quantify indoor environment quality, and to design natural ventilation systems.

Our CFD services,

  • CFD Analysis
  • Fluid flow analysis
CAD Designing (Mechanical)
CAD Designing (Mechanical)

Some examples that come under CFD

•  Analysis of air impact on large hording
•  Analysis of Flow of steam in a steam turbine(here we need to perform thermal and CFD in combination)

Applicable for
•  Concepts that involve fluid flow
•  Can be performed in combination with structural and thermal analysis


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