As understood, BIM or Building Information Modeling (BIM) offers a scientific approach to the design and documentation of various building projects. In BIM, the physical and functional features of the project are represented by an intelligent digital interface. Significantly, BIM enables project personnel of each construction project, comprehensively.

Rashian Engineering Technologies BIM Modeling Services team includes experienced professionals who are specialists in architecture, software, civil engineering, and management services. We collaborate with the client’s in-house teams to offer a diverse perspective and arrive at a holistic solution to most of the issues problems. Surely, BIM offers construction (AEC) professionals end-to-end technical expertise and knowledge to design and construct buildings.

At Rashian Engineering Technologies, BIM is considered as the natural corollary to Design Management Services. Our BIM services offer the following benefits:

  • Provides easy interoperability
  • Offers high flexibility
  • Facilitates strong customization
  • Ensures best returns on your investments by saving time
  • Helps in the successful execution of your project

Rashian Engineering Technologies brings quality execution to each project by using the right BIM tools or technologies. As your dedicated and reliable BIM services partner, we deploy the right technology to deliver complete value. Significantly, Rashian Engineering Technologies is the most trusted BIM technology partner for some of the most prestigious construction projects in India and abroad.

Our work begins with providing the best and milestone-based execution process to achieve the best BIM Modeling & Coordination Services. The Building Information Modeling process includes, input, extracting requirement from input data, send queries to the client, share delivery schedule/milestones with the client, use client given BxP or Establish internal BxP, Templates customized and Model generation begins, and Creation.

Our BIM services include,

  • Architectural BIM Services is used to create Architectural BIM Models
  • Each architectural BIM model helps to achieve Coordination, Designing, Planning, 3D Rendering, and On-site construction
  • Structural BIM Services include Structural 3D BIM Modeling, Structural Shop Drawing Creation, Rebar Detailing, etc
  • MEP BIM Services include MEP 3D Modeling, BIM Coordination Services, and MEP Shop Drawings, etc
  • Point cloud to BIM Modeling Services are offered to old historical monuments, churches, government buildings, apartments, schools, and colleges, etc
  • Revit Family Creation Services are offered to Manufacturers, Product Design companies, Architectural firms, Construction companies, etc
  • 4D BIM Services enable designers, architects, builders, contractors, and owners to visualize the entire life-cycle and progress of the construction activities with respect to time
  • 5D BIM and Quantity Take-offs (Estimating Services) helps engineers, architects, general contractors, and developers globally by developing 5D BIM Models with detailed scheduling and cost estimation
  • COBie BIM Services helps to create product data sheets, equipment lists, materials lists, etc. from the information provided by our clients
  • 6D BIM Services enables our clients to resolve the sustainability challenges by sticking to the standards of creating green and energy-efficient structures
  • 7D BIM Facility Management can be utilized for maintaining and managing a structure by building owners and managers

Rashian Engineering Technologies’ BIM services follow a data-driven approach. This will enable people, processes, and technology to deliver a complete solution to clients. Significantly, we leverage on Autodesk and Bentley, to create digital representations, with strong customization and clients’ requirements. Our team of BIM professionals presents in-depth knowledge of building codes of the USA, Canada, and Europe. As we are based in India, it helps us to leverage on different time zones, and deliver results 24×7 to our clients abroad.